PDX-SIB – Salmonella Indicator Broth

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Paradigm Diagnostics' Salmonella Indicator Broth ( SIB ) is intended for use in screening environmental samples for the presence of viable Salmonella species. Positive samples will exhibit a color change from blue to yellow if Salmonella bacteria are growing in the liquid medium. The color change indicates a presumptive positive. Positive samples should be followed up with characterization by cultivation on a selective agar, immunodiagnostic or genetic analysis such as PCR for confirmation.


Scientific Principal of the Test
PDX-SIB contains selective agents to prevent the growth of competitive microflora while providing nutrients for growth of the resistant Salmonella. Salmonella are further differentiated from any active background microflora by metabolism of a specific energy source metabolized primarily by Salmonella. As the population of Salmonella metabolizes the growth substrate, the compound is fermented to an acidic by-product, which turns the pH indicator in the broth from blue to yellow. A yellow color observable after incubation at 37 ± 1oC for 24-48 hours is deemed presumptively positive. Any sample that is not presumptively positive at 24 hours must be incubated for a total of 48 hours to ensure the sample is a true negative.


  • C-26003-25 (PDX-SIB (15ml) 25 pack)
  • 26004-100 (PDX-SIB (15mL) – 100 pack)

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