Executive Summary

Paradigm Diagnostics Inc develops, manufactures and distributes high throughput microbiological screening tests, which are used to monitor the safety of food during processing.   Paradigm has developed and is currently selling diagnostic tests to the food processing industry that allow them to screen environmental samples for pathogens in-house.   The use of in-plant screening tests permits greater control over HACCP (Hazard Assessment Critical Control Point) information at a lower cost to the customer.

Traditional microbiological testing requires that tests for bacteria be selected and grown on more than one type of media (agar in most cases).   When using the traditional method, test results are seldom available in less than 48 hours and when the bacteria in question is a slow grower (such as Listeria), it can take up to five days to get test results.   This time delay is further compounded when sample analysis is conducted by outside reference or central laboratories.   Paradigm’s products address this situation at lower cost and with less need for a full-fledged microbiology laboratory at the customer’s facility.

Company Management

Dr. Alan Olstein founded Paradigm Diagnostics in 2001, and serves as the Company’s chief scientific officer. A mix of private and institutional investors funded the company.   The Company’s chief executive officer and chairman is Claire Johnson.

Paradigm’s Products

  • Paradigm has developed, tested, received approval from the AOAC Research Institute and is selling the first of its high-throughput pathogen screening tests.   PDX-LIB is a 40-hour test for the food pathogen, Listeria.   The test was developed for use in the manufacturing environment as opposed to testing the food product itself.   Listeria is considered an “indicator” organism in the food manufacturing facility.   If Listeria is found, it is an indication that other food pathogens may be present and sanitation operations need to be evaluated.   The test allows for detection of presumptively positive samples during the selective enrichment phase of all microbiological analyses, including modern immunoassay test and DNA amplification methods.   Identification of presumptive positive samples significantly reduces the environmental sample load submitted for testing at the reference laboratory.
  • Paradigm has also developed a high-throughput test for the detection of Salmonella contamination.   The test is a simple single step indicator broth used to screen for Salmonella and is similar in concept and execution to the PDX-LIB product.   The product has been demonstrated to exhibit the requisite diagnostic performance parameters for sensitivity and specificity without the manipulations required of other commercially available products.   This test has been shown to be effective for use in environmental screening as well as for screening end product.   The test is in field trials to more accurately refine appropriate applications in the industry.
  • Paradigm is actively engaged in the development of other new diagnostics for food safety applications.   The Company manufactures and markets its products through a mix of direct sales and distribution agreements.

Alan Olstein can be reached at or 651-295-7768.
Product information can also be obtained at or at 651-226-0381

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