Founded in 2003 in the University of Minnesota Food Safety Laboratories, Paradigm Diagnostics distributes high throughput microbiological screening tests to monitor the safety of food during processing. Paradigm’s Environmental screening tests for food pathogens permits greater control over HACCP (Hazard Assessment Critical Control Point) information in less time and at a lower cost.

The Magic of PDX’s Methods

  • Get Results Faster at Lower Cost
  • Listeria is a slow growing bacterium frequently yielding results in days ( USDA method ) particularly if samples are processed at an outside laboratory.
  • PDX environmental testing systems for Listeria and Salmonella are conducted on-site without the need for a full microbiology lab.
  • Results available in 30-48 hours

PDX-Stec for End-product testing AOAC approved and validated for ground meat

  • PDX has received AOAC approval of PDX-STEC, a single selective enrichment medium for Salmonella and Shiga toxin-producing E.coli in ground beef (see “PDX-STEC” section for details)

Alan Olstein PhD is a founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Paradigm Diagnostics. Claire Johnson serves as Chairman and CEO.